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Masked Teens Board School Bus, Attempt to Shoot 14-Year-Old Boy's Head, and Assault Him After Gun Malfunctions

Masked Teens Board School Bus, Attempt to Shoot 14-Year-Old Boy's Head, and Assault Him After Gun Malfunctions 

Three masked teenagers boarded a Maryland school bus on Monday afternoon, singling out a 14-year-old boy who was the sole remaining student on the bus, according to WJLA.

3 Maryland Teens Jump On School Bus And Tried To Kill Student; Despite Shooting 3 Times, Gun Failed

One of the masked individuals pointed a gun at the boy and attempted to fire three times. Remarkably, the gun failed to discharge on all three attempts, and the police later discovered three live rounds on the Prince George's County bus.

Martin Diggs, the head of the bus drivers' union, characterized the incident as a blatant attempted murder, stating, "They pulled the trigger three times, but for some reason, by the grace of God, the gun didn't go off and bullets flew out of the gun."

The attack occurred late Monday afternoon on a school bus transporting students from the Prince George's County Alternative Middle School in Suitland. Multiple sources have confirmed that the bus's onboard video system recorded the entire attack, including a close-range attempt to shoot the middle school student in the head. When the gun failed to fire after three attempts, the assailants physically assaulted the 14-year-old boy. Once the attackers fled, the bus driver moved the vehicle to a secure location.

"We are outraged as a district. Horrified that this incident did occur," expressed Charoscar Coleman, Associate Superintendent of Prince George's County Public Schools. Coleman urged students, faculty, families, and staff to remain vigilant and report any brewing problems, emphasizing the priority of maintaining a safe environment for students during school hours and transportation.

The head of the drivers' union called for increased security measures, stating that the driver and aide feared for their lives. The Prince George's County Police Department is actively seeking the attackers. WJLA has requested the school bus video, but release has been denied at this time. The extent of the 14-year-old victim's injuries has not been disclosed.

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