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Mother of Two Bullitt County Children Fatally Shot Appears in Court with New Details Revealed

Mother of Two Bullitt County Children Fatally Shot Appears in Court with New Details Revealed

 In a Bullitt County courtroom on Tuesday, new revelations emerged as a woman accused of fatally shooting her two children made her appearance. Tiffanie Lucas, residing in Shepherdsville, was the focus of the investigation after police responded to a distress call at her home on Nov. 8. Upon arrival, they discovered Lucas 6-and-9-year-old son with gunshot wounds to the head.

Kentucky Mother Shot And Killed Her Two Sons

During the court proceedings, Bullitt County Sheriff's Detective Richard Beahl testified as the sole witness, recounting the events of the day he responded to the double shooting on Bentwood Drive. Two neighbors had dialed 911 upon hearing gunshots from the adjacent residence.

A Ring doorbell camera captured four gunshots, with Lucas seen leaving the house approximately four-and-a-half minutes later, urgently seeking help. Beahl described finding Lucas collapsed in a neighbor's yard upon his arrival, while another officer discovered both boys covered in blood in a bedroom.

According to Beahl, a neighbor had attempted to intervene, revealing that Lucas, after collapsing, informed him that her "kids were dying."

Lucas, in her statement to the police, mentioned receiving a firearm from someone, which she left in the bedroom, implying the shooting might have been accidental. She insisted that no one else had been present in the house.

Expressing skepticism, Maurice Baker Jr.'s stepmother, Michelle Rice, and his aunt, Bobbie Baker, disputed the notion that Lucas was out of control. Bobbie questioned the plausibility of accidentally shooting a child twice and then shooting their brother, asserting that it couldn't be deemed an accident.

Lucas claimed she was in a "bad spot" and would "never do anything like this unless someone manipulated" her, reiterating that the incident was unintentional.

During questioning, Lucas' defense inquired about any attempts by the sheriff's office to detect drugs in her system, to which Beahl responded negatively. The defense successfully motioned to preserve and review police evidence.

Judge Jennifer Porter maintained Lucas' bond at $2 million cash, citing her as a danger to the public. Additionally, she ruled that there was probable cause to proceed with the case before a grand jury, advancing it toward trial.

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