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Friday, December 22, 2023

 Report Reveals Kansas Agency Investigated Family of Girl 5 Times Before Her Tragic Death

Child welfare authorities investigated the family of a 5-year-old Kansas girl, Zoey Felix, five times in the 13 months preceding her tragic rape and murder, as detailed in a report released on Tuesday. Despite allegations of neglect and drug use by her mother, authorities were unable to confirm these claims, and the family consistently declined to offer assistance.

5-year-old Kansas girl Raped and Killed at Homeless Campsite

The State Department of Children and Families report revealed that, in one instance, the agency verified the mother's failure to properly supervise Zoey but placed the girl with her father, deeming no safety concerns. Subsequent allegations in late August regarding drug use and lack of utilities in the home resulted in seven unsuccessful attempts by child welfare officials to contact the family over the next month.

Tragically, Zoey died on Oct. 2 at a gas station where fire crews were unable to resuscitate her. Neighbors believe Zoey and her father had been camping in a grove of trees on a nearby vacant lot. Mickel Cherry, a 25-year-old homeless man, faces charges of first-degree murder, rape, and capital murder in connection with Zoey's death. The circumstances of Zoey's demise have not been disclosed by authorities.

Governor Laura Kelly expressed her dismay at Zoey Felix's "unacceptable tragedy" and announced plans to advocate for legislation expediting information release in cases of child abuse or neglect-related deaths. The current practice involves delayed summaries from the Department of Children and Families, with full case reports released after the completion of prosecution, often taking over a year.

An information vacuum in Zoey's case persisted as a judge sealed the arrest affidavit supporting criminal charges against Cherry, citing concerns about jeopardizing witness safety and potential evidence destruction.

Neighbors had previously reported concerns about Zoey's well-being, describing her as wandering the neighborhood in a distressed state. The summary from the Department of Children and Families indicated that the first tip about Zoey was received on Sept. 8, 2022, alleging poor home conditions and possible drug use in the presence of a child. Although the mother tested negative for drugs, the agency offered help, which the family declined.

The summary further detailed incidents, including an unsupervised child complaint in November 2002, an arrest of Zoey's mother for driving under the influence with Zoey in the car, and subsequent investigations that led to offers of help being declined by the family. Despite repeated attempts to contact the family in September after a complaint about drug use and lack of utilities, authorities were unsuccessful. Concurrently, police visits to the home did not locate Zoey, as her father claimed she wasn't living there.

Following Zoey's tragic death, the Department for Children and Families has pledged to launch a thorough investigation, opening another inquiry in response to the circumstances surrounding Zoey's demise.

Report Reveals Kansas Agency Investigated Family of Girl 5 Times Before Her Tragic Death

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Thursday, December 21, 2023

FBI Discovers 40 Human Skulls and Spinal Cords Used as 'Decorations' in Kentucky Home Raid 

On Tuesday, a Kentucky resident named James Nott was taken into custody following an FBI operation that uncovered numerous human remains and skulls repurposed as macabre decorations throughout his residence, authorities disclosed.

40 Human Skulls, Spinal Cords, and More Found Inside Kentucky Man's Home

The investigation into James Nott, a 40-year-old from Mt. Washington, Kentucky, was initiated by the FBI in connection with a probe into firearms and the trafficking of human remains. Upon approaching Nott's home on Tuesday, law enforcement officials inquired about other occupants, to which he disturbingly responded, "Only my dead friends."

Reports from WDRB revealed that the FBI found approximately 40 human skulls, spinal cords, femurs, and hip bones within Nott's residence. Shockingly, the skulls were utilized as ornamental pieces around his furniture and home, with one even adorned with a head scarf and another discovered in Nott's bed.

Aside from the human remains, authorities recovered an AK-47 rifle, a .38 revolver, and ammunition from Nott's residence. Additionally, WLKY, a local news outlet, reported the discovery of black powder primers, electric blasting caps, a detonation cord, and inert grenade components. The FBI disclosed that Nott had advertised the sale of remains on his public Facebook page the previous month. Investigations further revealed Nott's prior communication with an individual in Pennsylvania who possessed human organs and had affiliations with others engaged in selling human remains.

Among those connected to this network was Cecil Lodge, a morgue manager associated with the Harvard Medical School Anatomical Gift Program. Lodge, too, was reportedly exploiting Facebook for the illicit trade of stolen remains. The FBI's awareness of Lodge stemmed from information provided by a Pennsylvania man, who divulged details about a network involved in the sale and transportation of human remains.

James Nott appeared before the Western District of Kentucky on Tuesday for his initial hearing and underwent a detention hearing on Wednesday. Presently, the sole charge stemming from this investigation is possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, which could lead to a maximum sentence of 10 years if Nott is convicted. The case is under joint investigation by the FBI and the Mt. Washington Police Department.

FBI Discovers 40 Human Skulls and Spinal Cords Used as 'Decorations' in Kentucky Home Raid

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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Prisoner Creates Tunnel Through Wall, Allegedly Stabs Inmate in Adjacent Cell, According to Prison Authorities 

In Fulton County, Georgia, a prisoner took extreme measures to target a fellow inmate in a neighboring cell, as reported by law enforcement officials. Kavian Thomas, an inmate at Rice Street jail, reportedly created a hole in a shower stall wall on May 17, allowing him access to an adjacent cell block. Subsequently, Thomas carried out an assault on Derondney Russell, stabbing him multiple times, according to a press release from the Fulton County Sheriff's Office on Thursday.

Inmate Digs Through His Cell Room Wall to Stab Another Inmate In Neighboring Cell

Russell suffered "superficial stab wounds to his upper body" and received medical treatment within the jail's medical unit for his injuries. Following the attack, authorities conducted a thorough inspection of both cells, revealing the presence of several weapons, some of which were fashioned "from parts of the dilapidated building infrastructure," as mentioned in the press release.

Interim Fulton County Jail commander Curtis Clark emphasized the challenges posed by the deteriorating condition of the facility, stating, "This jail has outlived its useful life." Clark highlighted the difficulty in ensuring a secure environment for both staff and inmates due to the aging infrastructure.

The sheriff's office indicated that Kavian Thomas would face additional criminal charges related to the assault. Thomas had previously been charged with offenses such as theft of stolen property, possession/transport of a firearm by a convicted felon, and possession of marijuana, according to court records.

Prisoner Creates Tunnel Through Wall, Allegedly Stabs Inmate in Adjacent Cell, According to Prison Authorities

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 Teenager, 15, Faces Murder and Terrorism Charges in Connection with Oxford High School Shooting

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald has announced charges in connection with the tragic events at Oxford High School on Tuesday.

Fifteen-year-old Ethan Crumbley is facing severe charges, including one count of terrorism causing death, four counts of first-degree murder, seven counts of assault with intent to murder, and 12 counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. McDonald emphasized that the investigation is ongoing, and additional charges may be brought based on the evolving findings.

15-Year-Old School Shooting Suspect Charged as an Adult with Terrorism First-Degree Murder

Crumbley is being charged as an adult, and during his arraignment on Wednesday, he stood mute, with a not-guilty plea entered on his behalf. Bond was denied, and he was ordered to be transferred from Children's Village to the Oakland County Jail. If convicted on all charges, Crumbley could face life in prison.

McDonald revealed that evidence suggests this was not an impulsive act, leading to the inclusion of a terrorism charge in connection with the school shooting. The prosecutor also mentioned that charges against both parents are under consideration.

The tragic incident claimed the lives of Tate Myre, 16, Hana St. Juliana, 14, and Madisyn Baldwin, 17, with 17-year-old Justin Shilling succumbing to his injuries on Wednesday afternoon. The shooter, a 15-year-old sophomore, reportedly used a 9mm pistol during the attack in the south end of the school.

Students recounted hearing an ALICE warning over the intercom following the initial gunshots. ALICE, an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate, is a training program designed for schools. Law enforcement responded swiftly to the incident, with the suspected shooter apprehended while still possessing seven rounds of ammunition. Over 30 shell casings were later recovered by the police.

Seven other victims sustained injuries, with varying conditions. Notably, a 14-year-old female is in critical condition with gunshot wounds to the chest and neck, undergoing surgery, and is currently on a ventilator. Another 17-year-old female is also in critical condition. Other victims range from serious to stable conditions.

The Oxford Community Schools District released a statement expressing profound grief over the loss of lives and injuries. The district emphasized the priority of student and staff safety and participation in the ongoing investigation. The focus remains on providing care and support to the affected individuals, while the district urges respect for the privacy of grieving families.

Teenager, 15, Faces Murder and Terrorism Charges in Connection with Oxford High School Shooting

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Northern California Man Arrested in Connection with Decapitation of Grandmother in Santa Rosa Residence 

Police have apprehended and charged a 23-year-old man in Northern California in connection with the decapitation murder of his 64-year-old grandmother. Luis Aroyo-Lopez was identified as the prime suspect in what authorities described as a "targeted attack" in Santa Rosa. The gruesome incident unfolded when officers responded to a possible homicide report at the victim's residence, discovering her headless body.

Following the discovery, investigators determined that Aroyo-Lopez had likely fled the scene on foot with his grandmother's head in his possession. A two-day manhunt ensued, involving U.S. Marshals to locate the suspect. The search concluded when a San Francisco Police Department officer recognized Aroyo-Lopez from wanted person bulletins at a downtown transit station, leading to his arrest.

Upon taking Aroyo-Lopez into custody, Santa Rosa Police transferred him to the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility. Authorities also reported seizing multiple weapons at the Santa Rosa residence, which will undergo examination to determine if any were used in the homicide.

The victim's head was discovered near Santa Rosa Creek on Saturday evening and was subsequently brought to the Sonoma County Coroner's Office for identification. Aroyo-Lopez had recently been released from a California prison where he served time for unrelated charges of assault with a deadly weapon and weapons possession. In addition to the murder charge, he faces allegations of violating the terms of his post-release control and has been denied bail. Aroyo-Lopez is currently in custody awaiting court resolution of his case.

Northern California Man Arrested in Connection with Decapitation of Grandmother in Santa Rosa Residence

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Monday, December 18, 2023

 Critical Moment: Murderer Discovers Discovery of Victim's Body During Live TV Broadcast

disturbing footage from a live news report captures the chilling moment a murderer learns that authorities have located his victim's body.

During this time, Lauren Giddings had been reported missing, prompting her neighbor, McDaniel, to speak to reporters about her character. Unbeknownst to everyone, McDaniel had been covertly stalking Giddings for months. Despite her refusal of a date, she allowed him to stay in touch, confiding in her real friends that he made her feel 'uneasy.'

Murderer Finds Out On Live TV The Body Of The Woman He Killed and Dismemberer was Found

McDaniel's sinister actions included secretly filming outside her bedroom and breaking into her apartment when she was away. On June 26, 2011, he infiltrated her home while she slept, proceeding to murder her through strangulation, dismembering her body, and disposing of it in a bin.

Days later, as Giddings was reported missing, McDaniel, feigning concern, offered to help around her apartment. During an interview with WGXA, he presented himself as a fellow Mercer College student, where he suggested the possibility of her being abducted while running. However, his demeanor drastically changed when the reporter inquired about a recently discovered torso—the precise moment he grasped that the police were closing in on him.

Initially at a loss for words, McDaniel eventually said, "I think I need to sit down." Upon returning, he broke down, denying any knowledge of anyone wanting to harm her. Police had already identified McDaniel as a person of interest, noting his peculiar behavior on camera.

On July 1, he was brought in for questioning, and a search of his home revealed a disturbing assortment, including swords, guns, toilet rolls, and a mask crafted from women's underwear. Additionally, they found the packaging for the hacksaw used in Giddings' dismemberment and the master key to the building's rooms.

His 12-hour interrogation was as bizarre as his appearance, with McDaniel remaining fixed in an odd position and offering minimal responses. In 2014, he finally confessed to the brutal murder, receiving a life sentence with parole eligibility set for 2041. In 2017, McDaniel appealed his conviction, but the appeal was rejected. Currently serving his sentence at Hancock State Prison, he remains confined for this heinous crime.

Critical Moment: Murderer Discovers Discovery of Victim's Body During Live TV Broadcast

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Sunday, December 17, 2023

 Identified: Charred Remains in BBQ Pit Belong to Woman Missing Since 2017

The charred skeletal remains discovered in a backyard barbecue pit last July have now been identified as the remains of Miranda Rodriguez.

Miranda Rodriguez, aged 24, had been reported missing in August 2017. The last contact with her was just before Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the city, flooding the area. ABC13 documented her parents' relentless search for her in the aftermath of the storm.

Burned Skeletal Remains Found In BBQ Pit Identified As Woman Missing Since 2017

On July 12, 2022, while a man was hired to tidy up the backyard of a residence on Peach Creek Drive in southeast Houston, he stumbled upon a full skeleton in a built-in BBQ pit. The bones had been subjected to burning, as confirmed by investigators. At the time, the man expressed to ABC13 the eerie feeling of discovering what seemed like a forgotten soul that had remained unnoticed until then.

The process of identification spanned almost a year, with Houston police officially notifying Rodriguez's father over the weekend. A family member, speaking to ABC13, conveyed their shock, emphasizing that they had always held onto hope for Miranda's safe discovery.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences, after an extensive examination, has labeled both the cause and manner of death as "undetermined."

As of now, the police state that the investigation is still ongoing, leaving unanswered questions surrounding the circumstances leading to Miranda Rodriguez's tragic end.

Identified: Charred Remains in BBQ Pit Belong to Woman Missing Since 2017

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 Tragedy Strikes as Gunman Kills Five in Texas Home

In a chilling incident described as "execution style," a suspect armed with an AR-15 style rifle has claimed the lives of five individuals in a Texas residence, leaving a community in shock.

The alleged perpetrator, identified as 38-year-old Francisco Oropeza by the San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office, is currently the subject of an intense manhunt. The FBI's Houston Field Office is aiding in the search for Oropeza, who is considered armed and dangerous. An arrest warrant has been issued, accompanied by a $5 million bond.

8-Year-Old Among Five People Killed In Execution-Style Murder Spree In San Jacinto Texas

The horrifying events unfolded on Friday night at approximately 11:31 p.m. local time in Cleveland, about 55 miles north of Houston. Authorities responded to a call reporting harassment, discovering multiple victims with gunshot wounds at the scene. Among the deceased were three females and two males, including an 8-year-old boy. Disturbingly, two female victims were found in a bedroom, shielding two surviving children. Although three minors were located unharmed, they were covered in blood and subsequently transported to a local hospital.

The tragedy reportedly stemmed from a dispute with neighbors who had requested the suspect to cease firing his gun in the front yard, citing a sleeping baby. San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers revealed that the situation escalated swiftly, with victims attempting to shield their children from harm.

All the victims, originally from Honduras, were shot from the neck up, described as "almost execution style." The suspect believed to be intoxicated at the time, was captured on a Ring doorbell entering the residence with a weapon. The ongoing manhunt has revealed abandoned personal items, including a cell phone and clothing. Authorities fear the suspect could be anywhere, emphasizing the urgency of apprehension.

Oropeza is described as a 5-foot-8 Hispanic man with a goatee and short black hair, last seen wearing jeans, a black shirt, and work boots. Investigators have disclosed that he is known to shoot a .223 rifle in his front yard, evident from recovered shell casings.

The victims have been identified as Sonia Argentina Guzman (25), Diana Velazquez Alvarado (21), Julisa Molina Rivera (31), Jose Jonathan Casarez (18), and Daniel Enrique Laso Guzman (8). The suspect's wife is being interviewed, and two additional weapons were found during a search of the residence.

Community members are advised to stay clear of the crime scene, and the investigation continues. The San Jacinto County Democratic Party canceled a scheduled fundraiser, opting for a prayer vigil in solidarity with the grieving community.

Tragedy Strikes as Gunman Kills Five in Texas Home

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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Texas Woman Receives Death Sentence for Fatally Assaulting Pregnant Friend and Abducting Unborn Child 

A 29-year-old Texas woman, Taylor Rene Parker, has been sentenced to death for the 2020 murder of her pregnant friend, Reagan Simmons-Hancock, and the abduction of the unborn baby, Braxlynn Sage Hancock. The Bowie County jury deliberated for less than an hour before finding Parker guilty of capital murder by terror threat or other felony last month. The recent sentencing comes after the jury determined that Parker posed a continuing threat to society, and there were no significant mitigating circumstances in her background.

Killer Realizes She's Been Caught After Cutting Baby Out Of Victim's Stomach

During the trial, several family members of the victim provided victim impact statements. Reagan's sister, Emily Simmons, expressed the pain of losing her sister and how it affected important life events like her upcoming wedding. Reagan's mother, Jessica Brooks, directly addressed Parker, describing her as an "evil piece of flesh demon" and highlighting the brutal act of tearing her daughter open and taking the baby.

First Assistant District Attorney Kelley Crisp recounted the gruesome murder scene in her closing statement, emphasizing the horrific circumstances and the mother's fight for her child. The court heard details of the murder, involving over 100 stab wounds, defensive wounds on the victim's hands, a fractured skull, and other injuries inflicted with various objects.

The investigation began when Hancock's mother discovered her daughter's lifeless body on October 9, 2020, with a large amount of blood throughout the house. Parker was apprehended less than an hour later, holding a newborn infant, and claiming it as her own. However, medical personnel determined that Parker had not given birth to the child.

Prosecutors argued that Parker's motive was to steal Reagan's baby to maintain a lie she had told her boyfriend about being pregnant. The brutal nature of the crime and the extensive injuries inflicted on the victim played a significant role in the jury's decision to sentence Parker to death.

Judge John Tidwell formally sentenced Parker to death, stating, "You have been found guilty of capital murder and punished by Texas law to death. I formally sentence you to death." Parker has been taken to death row following the sentencing.

Texas Woman Receives Death Sentence for Fatally Assaulting Pregnant Friend and Abducting Unborn Child

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