Monday, November 14, 2022

Chinese Video Industry Exploiting Black Children

 Chinese Video Industry Exploiting Black Children

Chinese video industry exploiting Black Children

The latest documentary from BBC African Eye, titled "Racism for Sale: The Chinese Video-Makers Exploiting African Children," exposes an insidious practice. Although it may not generate the same level of uproar as "Sweet Sweet Codeine" or "Sex for Grades," the investigation reveals that thousands of videos exploiting African children are circulating on social media platforms, earning the video-makers significant profits. The documentary begins by examining a shocking video that circulated on Chinese social media in February 2020, showing a group of African children chanting phrases in Chinese that translate to "I am a black monster and my IQ is low.

The video sparked outrage, but it also raised questions about its origins. BBC AfricaEye and BBC EyeInvestigations reporters tracked down "Uncle Susu," the person responsible for filming the video, to a remote Malawian village. Despite the evidence against him, Uncle Susu denies making the video. The documentary ends with the BBC team driving away, leaving Uncle Susu behind with the exploited children and their families. The investigation highlights a vast and exploitative industry that spans Africa.

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