Saturday, November 5, 2022

Teens Fighting Transit Cops in Subway

 Teens Fighting Transit Cops in Subway

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has urged Governor Kathy Hochul to hold an emergency session of the legislature to reform criminal justice laws. The demand comes after two 16-year-olds were released without bail following a brutal assault on two transit cops who stopped them for fare evasion. The assault, captured on video, shows one of the teens punching and wrestling one of the officers to the ground, even putting the officer in a headlock. The mayor and head of the police union have pleaded for state action, but Hochul is hesitant to take action during her re-election campaign as changing the laws could harm her politically.

Adams is pushing for a review of the state bail law and the rise of the age law, which allows defendants under 18 to be sent to family court. He wants lawmakers to re-examine the bail laws in the area of violent offenders. Police officers have seen a rise in assaults, with 914 cops attacked year-to-date through July 17, compared to 686 during the same period last year. The police union is demanding change, citing the ease with which criminals can fight a cop and walk free.

While the teenager in question has two prior arrests, the state Assembly speaker says the decision to release the 16-year-old suspect was made by the judge, and pre-trial detention can be sought in family court under the current law. Hochul is blaming the judge and maintains that significant changes have been made to bail laws.

Amidst the clash between the mayor and governor over policy, some New Yorkers are giving up on the subway altogether. Cynthia McKnight, who used to commute to work by subway from East New York, now opts for a taxi instead.

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