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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Alleged Shoplifter Ignites Confrontation by Setting Store Clerk Ablaze 

A store employee, who made an attempt to thwart a man's third theft within a single day, found himself set ablaze during the encounter. Surveillance footage captured the disturbing moment when the assailant doused the worker with lighter fluid and ignited him.

The victim, identified only as Suraj for safety concerns, suffered second and third-degree burns on his face, neck, chest, and shoulder as a result of the attack. Speaking from his hospital bed, Suraj expressed the trauma he and his family are currently enduring.

"It's terrible. You know, I'm still in trauma right now, me, my family," he shared, highlighting the excruciating pain he endures during wound cleaning, describing it as "like over 10."

Having been a clerk at Appian Food and Liquor in El Sobrante for approximately five years, Suraj revealed that while dealing with shoplifters is not uncommon, an incident of this magnitude had never occurred before. On that fateful day, he and a coworker confronted a repeat offender who had stolen lighter fluid on multiple occasions. Suraj attempted to intervene, while his colleague grabbed a bat for protection.

"He just splashed lighter fluid on my face, and I was so scared at that moment," recounted Suraj. "I tried to cover his hand, but I don't know. I don't remember. He just lit the fire on me, you know. I just rushed to the restroom, and I just splashed water on my face."

The Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office apprehended the suspect, 38-year-old Kendall Burton, a homeless individual in El Sobrante. Burton faces charges including assault with a deadly weapon, battery, arson, and robbery, and is being held without bail.

Expressing the need for increased safety measures, Suraj emphasized, "First of all, I would like to say nobody has to go through this kind of situation, and the small stores should have more security or something like that. The workplace should be safer."

Suraj, anticipating several surgeries and a prolonged recovery, is supported by his wife, Sabeena Parajuli, who initiated an online fundraiser to alleviate the burden of medical bills. He shared that his family is deeply affected, noting, "They cry all the time when they come here."

Alleged Shoplifter Ignites Confrontation by Setting Store Clerk Ablaze

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Friday, December 22, 2023

 Report Reveals Kansas Agency Investigated Family of Girl 5 Times Before Her Tragic Death

Child welfare authorities investigated the family of a 5-year-old Kansas girl, Zoey Felix, five times in the 13 months preceding her tragic rape and murder, as detailed in a report released on Tuesday. Despite allegations of neglect and drug use by her mother, authorities were unable to confirm these claims, and the family consistently declined to offer assistance.

5-year-old Kansas girl Raped and Killed at Homeless Campsite

The State Department of Children and Families report revealed that, in one instance, the agency verified the mother's failure to properly supervise Zoey but placed the girl with her father, deeming no safety concerns. Subsequent allegations in late August regarding drug use and lack of utilities in the home resulted in seven unsuccessful attempts by child welfare officials to contact the family over the next month.

Tragically, Zoey died on Oct. 2 at a gas station where fire crews were unable to resuscitate her. Neighbors believe Zoey and her father had been camping in a grove of trees on a nearby vacant lot. Mickel Cherry, a 25-year-old homeless man, faces charges of first-degree murder, rape, and capital murder in connection with Zoey's death. The circumstances of Zoey's demise have not been disclosed by authorities.

Governor Laura Kelly expressed her dismay at Zoey Felix's "unacceptable tragedy" and announced plans to advocate for legislation expediting information release in cases of child abuse or neglect-related deaths. The current practice involves delayed summaries from the Department of Children and Families, with full case reports released after the completion of prosecution, often taking over a year.

An information vacuum in Zoey's case persisted as a judge sealed the arrest affidavit supporting criminal charges against Cherry, citing concerns about jeopardizing witness safety and potential evidence destruction.

Neighbors had previously reported concerns about Zoey's well-being, describing her as wandering the neighborhood in a distressed state. The summary from the Department of Children and Families indicated that the first tip about Zoey was received on Sept. 8, 2022, alleging poor home conditions and possible drug use in the presence of a child. Although the mother tested negative for drugs, the agency offered help, which the family declined.

The summary further detailed incidents, including an unsupervised child complaint in November 2002, an arrest of Zoey's mother for driving under the influence with Zoey in the car, and subsequent investigations that led to offers of help being declined by the family. Despite repeated attempts to contact the family in September after a complaint about drug use and lack of utilities, authorities were unsuccessful. Concurrently, police visits to the home did not locate Zoey, as her father claimed she wasn't living there.

Following Zoey's tragic death, the Department for Children and Families has pledged to launch a thorough investigation, opening another inquiry in response to the circumstances surrounding Zoey's demise.

Report Reveals Kansas Agency Investigated Family of Girl 5 Times Before Her Tragic Death

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Thursday, December 21, 2023

FBI Discovers 40 Human Skulls and Spinal Cords Used as 'Decorations' in Kentucky Home Raid 

On Tuesday, a Kentucky resident named James Nott was taken into custody following an FBI operation that uncovered numerous human remains and skulls repurposed as macabre decorations throughout his residence, authorities disclosed.

40 Human Skulls, Spinal Cords, and More Found Inside Kentucky Man's Home

The investigation into James Nott, a 40-year-old from Mt. Washington, Kentucky, was initiated by the FBI in connection with a probe into firearms and the trafficking of human remains. Upon approaching Nott's home on Tuesday, law enforcement officials inquired about other occupants, to which he disturbingly responded, "Only my dead friends."

Reports from WDRB revealed that the FBI found approximately 40 human skulls, spinal cords, femurs, and hip bones within Nott's residence. Shockingly, the skulls were utilized as ornamental pieces around his furniture and home, with one even adorned with a head scarf and another discovered in Nott's bed.

Aside from the human remains, authorities recovered an AK-47 rifle, a .38 revolver, and ammunition from Nott's residence. Additionally, WLKY, a local news outlet, reported the discovery of black powder primers, electric blasting caps, a detonation cord, and inert grenade components. The FBI disclosed that Nott had advertised the sale of remains on his public Facebook page the previous month. Investigations further revealed Nott's prior communication with an individual in Pennsylvania who possessed human organs and had affiliations with others engaged in selling human remains.

Among those connected to this network was Cecil Lodge, a morgue manager associated with the Harvard Medical School Anatomical Gift Program. Lodge, too, was reportedly exploiting Facebook for the illicit trade of stolen remains. The FBI's awareness of Lodge stemmed from information provided by a Pennsylvania man, who divulged details about a network involved in the sale and transportation of human remains.

James Nott appeared before the Western District of Kentucky on Tuesday for his initial hearing and underwent a detention hearing on Wednesday. Presently, the sole charge stemming from this investigation is possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, which could lead to a maximum sentence of 10 years if Nott is convicted. The case is under joint investigation by the FBI and the Mt. Washington Police Department.

FBI Discovers 40 Human Skulls and Spinal Cords Used as 'Decorations' in Kentucky Home Raid

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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Prisoner Creates Tunnel Through Wall, Allegedly Stabs Inmate in Adjacent Cell, According to Prison Authorities 

In Fulton County, Georgia, a prisoner took extreme measures to target a fellow inmate in a neighboring cell, as reported by law enforcement officials. Kavian Thomas, an inmate at Rice Street jail, reportedly created a hole in a shower stall wall on May 17, allowing him access to an adjacent cell block. Subsequently, Thomas carried out an assault on Derondney Russell, stabbing him multiple times, according to a press release from the Fulton County Sheriff's Office on Thursday.

Inmate Digs Through His Cell Room Wall to Stab Another Inmate In Neighboring Cell

Russell suffered "superficial stab wounds to his upper body" and received medical treatment within the jail's medical unit for his injuries. Following the attack, authorities conducted a thorough inspection of both cells, revealing the presence of several weapons, some of which were fashioned "from parts of the dilapidated building infrastructure," as mentioned in the press release.

Interim Fulton County Jail commander Curtis Clark emphasized the challenges posed by the deteriorating condition of the facility, stating, "This jail has outlived its useful life." Clark highlighted the difficulty in ensuring a secure environment for both staff and inmates due to the aging infrastructure.

The sheriff's office indicated that Kavian Thomas would face additional criminal charges related to the assault. Thomas had previously been charged with offenses such as theft of stolen property, possession/transport of a firearm by a convicted felon, and possession of marijuana, according to court records.

Prisoner Creates Tunnel Through Wall, Allegedly Stabs Inmate in Adjacent Cell, According to Prison Authorities

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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Texas Woman Receives Death Sentence for Fatally Assaulting Pregnant Friend and Abducting Unborn Child 

A 29-year-old Texas woman, Taylor Rene Parker, has been sentenced to death for the 2020 murder of her pregnant friend, Reagan Simmons-Hancock, and the abduction of the unborn baby, Braxlynn Sage Hancock. The Bowie County jury deliberated for less than an hour before finding Parker guilty of capital murder by terror threat or other felony last month. The recent sentencing comes after the jury determined that Parker posed a continuing threat to society, and there were no significant mitigating circumstances in her background.

Killer Realizes She's Been Caught After Cutting Baby Out Of Victim's Stomach

During the trial, several family members of the victim provided victim impact statements. Reagan's sister, Emily Simmons, expressed the pain of losing her sister and how it affected important life events like her upcoming wedding. Reagan's mother, Jessica Brooks, directly addressed Parker, describing her as an "evil piece of flesh demon" and highlighting the brutal act of tearing her daughter open and taking the baby.

First Assistant District Attorney Kelley Crisp recounted the gruesome murder scene in her closing statement, emphasizing the horrific circumstances and the mother's fight for her child. The court heard details of the murder, involving over 100 stab wounds, defensive wounds on the victim's hands, a fractured skull, and other injuries inflicted with various objects.

The investigation began when Hancock's mother discovered her daughter's lifeless body on October 9, 2020, with a large amount of blood throughout the house. Parker was apprehended less than an hour later, holding a newborn infant, and claiming it as her own. However, medical personnel determined that Parker had not given birth to the child.

Prosecutors argued that Parker's motive was to steal Reagan's baby to maintain a lie she had told her boyfriend about being pregnant. The brutal nature of the crime and the extensive injuries inflicted on the victim played a significant role in the jury's decision to sentence Parker to death.

Judge John Tidwell formally sentenced Parker to death, stating, "You have been found guilty of capital murder and punished by Texas law to death. I formally sentence you to death." Parker has been taken to death row following the sentencing.

Texas Woman Receives Death Sentence for Fatally Assaulting Pregnant Friend and Abducting Unborn Child

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Armed Assailant Robs Woman, Proceeds to Make Inappropriate Advances on Facebook: 'You Were Too Pretty to Rob' 

An Indianapolis woman faced a terrifying ordeal when a suspect, identified as Damien Boyce, allegedly robbed her at gunpoint, coercing her to connect with him on Facebook following the incident.

Amber Beraun recounted the night in May when Boyce approached her as she retrieved her mail, brandishing a firearm, as reported by WRTV. Refusing to allow him entry into her home, Beraun handed over approximately $100 in cash. Unsatisfied with the loot, Boyce then insisted that she add him as a friend on Facebook.

Gunman Demands Woman Befriends him on Facebook After Breaking in her Home

Attempting to defuse the situation, Beraun complied, hoping that the gesture would prompt Boyce to leave. However, her act of compliance seemed to embolden the alleged assailant.

Shortly after the robbery, Beraun received messages from Boyce, who not only expressed attraction but also made inappropriate advances towards her. One message reportedly stated, “Damn, you were too pretty to rob,” with another promising to reimburse her.

Despite Beraun's attempts to maintain a placating tone in her responses, Boyce persisted in contacting her, going so far as to invite her to "come chill."

The traumatic incident left Beraun shaken, instilling a sense of paranoia about the safety of her normally tranquil Indianapolis neighborhood. She expressed concern about the possibility of criminals scouting for opportunities in the area.

“It makes me a little on edge knowing that people walk up and down the street, looking for places to commit crimes,” she remarked. “It makes it a little different when you hear noises at night.”

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department revealed that Boyce had been arrested and charged in a separate armed robbery on June 12. During this incident, Boyce allegedly shot two individuals and assaulted another with a brick following a dispute. After barricading himself, a SWAT team was deployed, and Boyce surrendered to the police.

Boyce faces charges including burglary, unlawful possession of a weapon, criminal recklessness, and battery in connection with the armed robbery of Beraun. He is currently held on a $7,500 bond.

Armed Assailant Robs Woman, Proceeds to Make Inappropriate Advances on Facebook: 'You Were Too Pretty to Rob'

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Surveillance Footage Reveals 2018 Incident: 29-Year-Old Man Steals Passenger Plane at Seattle Airport, Embarks on Hour-Long Joyride, and Intentionally Crashes It on Remote Island, Resulting in His Death 

Recently released surveillance footage captures the chilling moment a Seattle Airport baggage handler, 29-year-old Richard Russell, stole an Alaska Airlines plane before deliberately crashing it on a remote island, resulting in his own death.

New Video Shows Man Stealing Horizon Air Plane In 2018 Incident

Port of Seattle authorities have made public the airport surveillance video, providing a real-time account of the incident from both inside the terminal and on the tarmac.

In the footage, Richard Russell, wearing a black T-shirt with the words 'The Sky's No Limit,' is seen passing through airport security. More than five hours later, he emerges on the tarmac in the cargo area, using a tow vehicle to move the propeller aircraft onto a taxiway.

As air traffic control attempts to make contact, Russell, unnoticed by co-workers nearby, enters the cockpit and takes off in the Q400 Turboprop. Communicating with the control tower, he mentions, 'Seattle ground Horizon guy. About to take off. It's gonna be crazy.'

Subsequent ground video captures Russell performing stunts over Puget Sound, with his radio communication expressing a surreal situation. He even jokes with air traffic controllers about securing a job as a pilot with Alaska Airlines if he lands successfully.

Despite the controllers' pleas for a safe landing, Russell's responses remain erratic, expressing concerns about potential repercussions. He contemplates jail time and acknowledges the rapid depletion of fuel.

Two F-15 fighter jets from Portland are dispatched to intercept the plane but are unsuccessful. One hour and 13 minutes after takeoff, Russell intentionally crashes the plane on an island, taking his own life. Witnesses describe barrel rolls and loop-the-loops during the incident.

The FBI investigation found no evidence of flight training, but Russell was familiar with starting an airplane, having watched instructional videos online. In cockpit audio, he mentions playing video games, indicating a minimal need for assistance.

The FBI concluded the incident as suicide, ruling out broader criminal activity or terrorism, affirming Russell acted alone. Born in Key West, Florida, Russell moved to Alaska as a child, later settling in Seattle and joining Alaska Airlines. Despite passing background checks, Russell's tragic actions shocked witnesses, prompting a brief airport shutdown and flight suspensions.

Surveillance Footage Reveals 2018 Incident: 29-Year-Old Man Steals Passenger Plane at Seattle Airport, Embarks on Hour-Long Joyride, and Intentionally Crashes It on Remote Island, Resulting in His Death

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Juvenile Sisters, Ages 14 and 12, Apprehended in Connection with Brutal Maternal Homicide 

A tragic incident unfolded in Magnolia, Mississippi, as a 14-year-old named Amariyona Hall and her 12-year-old sister were arrested for the stabbing and shooting death of their mother, 32-year-old Erica Hall. The harrowing act was described as a brutal retaliation following a punishment the girls received for attempting to run their mother over with the family car, according to statements from neighbors and officials.

2 Sisters Allegedly Kill Mom in Vicious Attack Days After She Took Away Their Phones

Deputies from Pike County responded to the family's mobile home on Friday, where Erica Hall was discovered with multiple stab wounds and a gunshot to the chest. Despite efforts by emergency workers to resuscitate her, Erica Hall succumbed to her injuries. The focus then shifted to her teenage daughters, who are now in custody and facing murder charges. Both girls are slated for mental evaluations.

Sheriff Kenny Cotton revealed that the fatal attack followed an earlier incident in which the girls had attempted to run their mother over with the family car. Erica Hall had disciplined her daughters in response to this incident, triggering the alleged retaliation. Cotton expressed bewilderment at the tragic turn of events, emphasizing the incomprehensibility of the daughters' actions.

Neighbors disclosed that the killing occurred days after Erica Hall had taken away her daughters' cellphones. The timeline of events surrounding the cellphone confiscation and the attempted vehicular assault remains unclear.

Amariyona Hall, charged as an adult, is currently held on a $150,000 bond at the Pike County Jail. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 29. The younger daughter is detained at the Adams County Juvenile Detention Center.

The victim's aunt, Robin Coney, recounted that Erica Hall was initially attacked inside her residence and managed to stagger outside before succumbing to her injuries. Coney noted that the girls denied involvement in the stabbing, claiming they were elsewhere when the incident occurred. The killing reportedly followed a late-night argument at the family's home.

Coney suggested that Erica Hall may have tried to access her gun during the assault to defend herself. After the incident, the girls calmly sought a neighbor's help, falsely claiming that their grandmother had passed away. However, the neighbor, unable to reach Erica Hall for confirmation, eventually discovers the tragic scene when Amariyona Hall's younger sister finds her mother lying outside.

Juvenile Sisters, Ages 14 and 12, Apprehended in Connection with Brutal Maternal Homicide

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