Thursday, November 10, 2022

Teen Who Turned in Rioter Dad: He ‘Absolutely’ Deserves His Long Sentence

 Teen Who Turned in Rioter Dad: He ‘Absolutely’ Deserves His Long Sentence

Teen Who Turned in Rioter Dad: He ‘Absolutely’ Deserves His Long Sentence

The teen who turned his dad in for participating in the Capitol riot said his father “absolutely” deserved to get the longest prison sentence yet and will hopefully be rehabilitated in prison. “I haven’t been happy about this whole situation...but to say I’m surprised would be a lie,” Jackson Reffitt told CNN. “Everything my dad did—he’s his own person. And his action has consequences.” Guy Reffitt was sentenced to more than seven years in prison on Monday for bringing a loaded gun to the riot, where he threatened House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. When he returned home, he threatened to shoot his kids if they said anything but Jackson still tipped off the FBI. He told CNN his father was used as a “puppet” for Trump, and that he agreed with his sister Peyton when she said Monday that Trump deserves “life in prison” for manipulating thousands of people for political gain.

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