Monday, November 7, 2022

Woman fires gun at Dallas airport, taken to hospital after being shot by police

 Woman fires gun at Dallas airport, taken to hospital after being shot by police

Dallas Love Field Airport was thrown into chaos on Monday when a 37-year-old woman opened fire with a handgun in the airport’s ticket counter area. According to Dallas Police Chief Edgardo Garcia, the woman walked into a bathroom, changed her clothing, and then fired her gun at the ceiling. The motive behind her actions is still being investigated. An officer shot her in her "lower extremities" to subdue her, and she was then arrested and taken to a hospital. Thankfully, nobody else was injured in the incident. Following the shooting, the airport was evacuated, and Dallas police began their investigation. Southwest Airlines flights into and out of Dallas Love Field were placed on hold. It was not until around 2 p.m. Central that normal security checkpoint operations resumed. The woman’s identity has not been released. This is not the first time that Dallas Love Field Airport has been the site of a shooting. In 2016, a man was injured after advancing toward an officer with large landscaping rocks.

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