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Texas Resident in $16 Home Forced to Leave After 8 Months

 Texas Resident in $16 Home Forced to Leave After 8 Months

Kenneth Robinson, known for residing in a $340,000 home in Flower Mound, Texas, for eight months after submitting a $16 filing fee under the law of "adverse possession," has been ordered to vacate the property. Robinson claimed the right to occupy the home after the owner abandoned it due to foreclosure, and the mortgage company reportedly went out of business. A judge in Denton County ruled in favor of the current lienholder, Bank of America, allowing them to remove Robinson from the property.

Man Buys $300,000 House for $16, Neighbors Are Furious

Despite gaining local fame and creating a website and eBook about his unconventional living situation, Robinson complied with the court's decision and moved out. Adverse possession, a common law concept developed in the 1800s, allows individuals to claim clear title to a property after publicly occupying it for a specific period, usually ten years. The growing number of abandoned homes resulting from the foreclosure crisis has led to increased interest in adverse possession.

While some websites provide instructions on how to pursue adverse possession, critics argue that taking another's property without payment is an un-American notion. The National Association of Realtors stated that adverse possession is not common and not on their radar. Despite the legal aspects, ethical concerns arise, with some asserting that what may be legally permissible is not necessarily ethically right. Robinson's former neighbors criticized his actions, suggesting that if he wanted the house, he should have purchased it like everyone else. Critics emphasize the importance of respecting property rights, even in challenging circumstances.

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