Friday, December 15, 2023

Transgender Individual, 42, Arrested for Filming Girls in School Restroom While Disguised as a Schoolgirl

 Transgender Individual, 42, Arrested for Filming Girls in School Restroom While Disguised as a Schoolgirl

A 42-year-old individual, self-identifying as transgender, has been apprehended by authorities in Peru for trespassing and filming inside a women's restroom at the 'Rosa de América Women's College' in Huancayo. The suspect, identified as Walter César Solís Caler, disguised himself as a schoolgirl, easily gaining access to the school premises without scrutiny. Once inside, he covertly recorded and took pictures of students.

42-Year-Old Man Disguises Himself As A Schoolgirl To Take Pictures Of Minors

The incident came to light when the vice principal noticed Caler using a cell phone on school grounds, a violation for all students. Attempting to address the infraction, she soon realized that Caler was not a student, leading to her alerting the principal and subsequently involving the police.

Upon inspecting Caler's phone, authorities discovered evidence of similar incidents at various other schools. A Twitter user shared the news along with a photo of Caler, who had concealed his face with a hat and a mask.

The police investigation is now examining whether the suspect is linked to a wider pedophile network. Outside the school, parents, informed of Caler's actions, gathered before the arrival of the police. When Caler was brought out, the enraged parents physically attacked him, prompting one father to even assault a police officer in his attempt to reach Caler. While the father was detained for questioning, the commanding police officer acknowledged the emotional nature of his actions given the circumstances.

Public Prosecutor María Gutiérrez Fernández, specializing in violence against women, expressed her intention to prosecute Caler. The school's principal, Ernesto Ronald Vílchez Cuadrado, voiced concerns about the possibility of a network employing similar tactics to infiltrate schools in the region.

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