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Disturbing Footage Captures Police Rescuing Malnourished and Abused Children Confined in Cages in Las Vegas Residence

Disturbing Footage Captures Police Rescuing Malnourished and Abused Children Confined in Cages in Las Vegas Residence 

A disturbing video has surfaced, revealing the rescue efforts of Las Vegas police as they intervened to save young children allegedly subjected to abuse, starvation, and confinement in cages by their parents.

According to court transcripts obtained by TV station 8NewsNow, one of the older children was brutally beaten to the point where the father, Travis Doss, expressed concerns to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police that the 11-year-old might already be deceased.

Sickening video shows cops rescue starved, beaten kids locked in cages from Las Vegas horror house 

The child reported being forced to share meager food supplies with siblings, going days without eating. A detective involved in the case recalled the child's account, stating that he stole discarded food, arguing that it wasn't theft if the items were from the trash. The child expressed constant hunger, indicating that he had to share a single large fry from McDonald's with all six siblings. The detective revealed that the child claimed to be confined in a cage "all day, every day."

Doss, the father of seven children, has been indicted on 40 charges, including child abuse, according to court records. The distressing bodycam footage from the police shows officers entering a cramped, one-bedroom apartment where they discovered six children aged 2 to 11, left alone with two dogs. Shockingly, two of the children, the 11-year-old boy and his 9-year-old brother, were found crouched inside a padlocked cage typically used for pets.

The 11-year-old exhibited severe injuries, including swollen-shut black eyes, numerous marks, bruises, and emaciation. The child disclosed instances of being beaten with cords, belts, and a pan by his father. Amanda Stamper, the biological mother of the 2-year-old child and stepmother to the others, also faces seven counts of child abuse, as per the indictment.

The LVMPD bodycam footage portrayed a challenging situation, with the children initially refusing to open the door for 15 minutes, following instructions not to admit strangers. After a maintenance worker convinced one of the children to open the door, the police discovered the children in the apartment with dogs.

The video captures the 11-year-old describing how his father had assaulted him inside the cage. Officers can be heard offering reassurance to the children, emphasizing that they are not at fault, and promising to provide assistance. Doss allegedly claimed he had "no choice" when questioned about confining the children in cages.

Contrary to the disturbing circumstances revealed in the footage, Doss, a rapper known as "Trap Montana," showcased a glamorous lifestyle on his Instagram, featuring images of him in exotic cars, mansions, and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Posts from September 2020 depicted Doss enjoying a beach day with his children, while another from June 2019 showed him fishing with four of the children and Stamper. Stamper's public defender argued that she was also a victim of Doss' abuse, pointing to her Instagram posts as potential evidence of her vulnerability to serious mistreatment if she had taken any action against Doss.


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