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Texas Teacher Dismissed After Transforming Middle School Classroom Into Student 'Fight Ring'

Texas Teacher Dismissed After Transforming Middle School Classroom Into Student 'Fight Ring' 

A Texas substitute teacher is facing investigation and immediate termination after allegedly transforming her classroom into a fighting arena, urging students as young as 12 to engage in physical altercations.

Texas Teacher Charged After Turning Classroom Into A Fighting Ring

Natally Garcia, 24, was swiftly dismissed from her position at Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite on Wednesday, following the incident captured in shocking footage. Desks were arranged in a circular pattern to create a makeshift "fight ring," where 12- and 13-year-old students participated in physical confrontations, resulting in some sustaining injuries.

The Mesquite Independent School District (ISD) stated, "Her actions are appalling and intolerable." The district disclosed that Garcia not only established rules for the fights but also directed a student to keep watch at the door during the incidents.

Video evidence reveals Garcia instructing the class that she does not want the activities documented, threatening to confiscate cell phones if students were recording. At least four students can be seen engaged in fights, with Garcia audibly setting a timer for the bouts.

Beatriz Martinez, whose daughter recorded the incident, expressed her shock, stating, "I was devastated. I was like, I couldn’t watch the full video. I had to stop it multiple times because I didn’t think it was real. I was like, this must be a prank. This is not real."

Martinez revealed that her daughter's class had experienced Garcia's teaching twice before without incident. Although her daughter was pushed to participate in the impromptu fight club, the class concluded before the situation escalated.

Mesquite ISD disclosed that Garcia was hired on March 6 but was promptly fired after the incident, with no eligibility for rehire. The district's investigation revealed that the substitute teacher actively encouraged students to fight, established rules for the brawls, and assigned a student to monitor the classroom door during the altercations. The school district expressed deep concern over the behavior of an individual entrusted with student supervision and pledged to address the distress felt by the families of the affected students.

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