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Critical Moment: Murderer Discovers Discovery of Victim's Body During Live TV Broadcast

 Critical Moment: Murderer Discovers Discovery of Victim's Body During Live TV Broadcast

disturbing footage from a live news report captures the chilling moment a murderer learns that authorities have located his victim's body.

During this time, Lauren Giddings had been reported missing, prompting her neighbor, McDaniel, to speak to reporters about her character. Unbeknownst to everyone, McDaniel had been covertly stalking Giddings for months. Despite her refusal of a date, she allowed him to stay in touch, confiding in her real friends that he made her feel 'uneasy.'

Murderer Finds Out On Live TV The Body Of The Woman He Killed and Dismemberer was Found

McDaniel's sinister actions included secretly filming outside her bedroom and breaking into her apartment when she was away. On June 26, 2011, he infiltrated her home while she slept, proceeding to murder her through strangulation, dismembering her body, and disposing of it in a bin.

Days later, as Giddings was reported missing, McDaniel, feigning concern, offered to help around her apartment. During an interview with WGXA, he presented himself as a fellow Mercer College student, where he suggested the possibility of her being abducted while running. However, his demeanor drastically changed when the reporter inquired about a recently discovered torso—the precise moment he grasped that the police were closing in on him.

Initially at a loss for words, McDaniel eventually said, "I think I need to sit down." Upon returning, he broke down, denying any knowledge of anyone wanting to harm her. Police had already identified McDaniel as a person of interest, noting his peculiar behavior on camera.

On July 1, he was brought in for questioning, and a search of his home revealed a disturbing assortment, including swords, guns, toilet rolls, and a mask crafted from women's underwear. Additionally, they found the packaging for the hacksaw used in Giddings' dismemberment and the master key to the building's rooms.

His 12-hour interrogation was as bizarre as his appearance, with McDaniel remaining fixed in an odd position and offering minimal responses. In 2014, he finally confessed to the brutal murder, receiving a life sentence with parole eligibility set for 2041. In 2017, McDaniel appealed his conviction, but the appeal was rejected. Currently serving his sentence at Hancock State Prison, he remains confined for this heinous crime.

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