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Identified: Charred Remains in BBQ Pit Belong to Woman Missing Since 2017

 Identified: Charred Remains in BBQ Pit Belong to Woman Missing Since 2017

The charred skeletal remains discovered in a backyard barbecue pit last July have now been identified as the remains of Miranda Rodriguez.

Miranda Rodriguez, aged 24, had been reported missing in August 2017. The last contact with her was just before Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the city, flooding the area. ABC13 documented her parents' relentless search for her in the aftermath of the storm.

Burned Skeletal Remains Found In BBQ Pit Identified As Woman Missing Since 2017

On July 12, 2022, while a man was hired to tidy up the backyard of a residence on Peach Creek Drive in southeast Houston, he stumbled upon a full skeleton in a built-in BBQ pit. The bones had been subjected to burning, as confirmed by investigators. At the time, the man expressed to ABC13 the eerie feeling of discovering what seemed like a forgotten soul that had remained unnoticed until then.

The process of identification spanned almost a year, with Houston police officially notifying Rodriguez's father over the weekend. A family member, speaking to ABC13, conveyed their shock, emphasizing that they had always held onto hope for Miranda's safe discovery.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences, after an extensive examination, has labeled both the cause and manner of death as "undetermined."

As of now, the police state that the investigation is still ongoing, leaving unanswered questions surrounding the circumstances leading to Miranda Rodriguez's tragic end.

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