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Juvenile Sisters, Ages 14 and 12, Apprehended in Connection with Brutal Maternal Homicide

Juvenile Sisters, Ages 14 and 12, Apprehended in Connection with Brutal Maternal Homicide 

A tragic incident unfolded in Magnolia, Mississippi, as a 14-year-old named Amariyona Hall and her 12-year-old sister were arrested for the stabbing and shooting death of their mother, 32-year-old Erica Hall. The harrowing act was described as a brutal retaliation following a punishment the girls received for attempting to run their mother over with the family car, according to statements from neighbors and officials.

2 Sisters Allegedly Kill Mom in Vicious Attack Days After She Took Away Their Phones

Deputies from Pike County responded to the family's mobile home on Friday, where Erica Hall was discovered with multiple stab wounds and a gunshot to the chest. Despite efforts by emergency workers to resuscitate her, Erica Hall succumbed to her injuries. The focus then shifted to her teenage daughters, who are now in custody and facing murder charges. Both girls are slated for mental evaluations.

Sheriff Kenny Cotton revealed that the fatal attack followed an earlier incident in which the girls had attempted to run their mother over with the family car. Erica Hall had disciplined her daughters in response to this incident, triggering the alleged retaliation. Cotton expressed bewilderment at the tragic turn of events, emphasizing the incomprehensibility of the daughters' actions.

Neighbors disclosed that the killing occurred days after Erica Hall had taken away her daughters' cellphones. The timeline of events surrounding the cellphone confiscation and the attempted vehicular assault remains unclear.

Amariyona Hall, charged as an adult, is currently held on a $150,000 bond at the Pike County Jail. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 29. The younger daughter is detained at the Adams County Juvenile Detention Center.

The victim's aunt, Robin Coney, recounted that Erica Hall was initially attacked inside her residence and managed to stagger outside before succumbing to her injuries. Coney noted that the girls denied involvement in the stabbing, claiming they were elsewhere when the incident occurred. The killing reportedly followed a late-night argument at the family's home.

Coney suggested that Erica Hall may have tried to access her gun during the assault to defend herself. After the incident, the girls calmly sought a neighbor's help, falsely claiming that their grandmother had passed away. However, the neighbor, unable to reach Erica Hall for confirmation, eventually discovers the tragic scene when Amariyona Hall's younger sister finds her mother lying outside.

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