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"Undercover Pursuit: Unmasking the Glue and 'Tap' Thief Scam Targeting a Victim at Chase Bank ATM"

 "Undercover Pursuit: Unmasking the Glue and 'Tap' Thief Scam Targeting a Victim at Chase Bank ATM"

A novel ATM scam has emerged, targeting Chase Bank customers in San Francisco. In this deceptive ploy, criminals applied glue to the card reader, compelling victims to use the tap feature and subsequently draining their accounts. Despite falling prey to this scheme, customers faced denial from the bank when filing claims.

EXCLUSIVE: Chase Bank ATM victim goes undercover to prove he was scammed by glue and 'tap' thief

Joey Mularky, a victim of this scam, decided to take matters into his own hands after the bank rejected his claim. Recounting the incident, Mularky described how he encountered a glued card slot at a Chase Bank ATM. A helpful stranger advised him to tap his card, purportedly due to a malfunction. Unbeknownst to Mularky, this set the stage for the scammers.

Upon returning to the same ATM, Mularky withdrew $60, only to notice the same individual present again. Sensing something amiss, he proceeded with another withdrawal, and the suspicious man approached closely. The aftermath revealed multiple unauthorized withdrawals totaling $1,640 from Mularky's account.

Several other victims shared similar experiences, recounting encounters with the glued card reader and subsequent unauthorized transactions. Despite the victims' pleas, Chase Bank dismissed their claims, asserting that there was no evidence of a scam. The bank contended that customers had authorized the withdrawals.

Frustrated by the lack of assistance, Mularky undertook his investigation. He observed the same suspect lingering near the ATM and covertly recorded a video of the individual engaging in the scam with someone else. However, even armed with this evidence, Chase Bank initially refused to acknowledge it as proof of Mularky's victimization.

Upon media intervention, Chase Bank reviewed Mularky's case and issued a refund. The bank extended similar restitution to other scam victims but remained silent on its investigative processes. Chase Bank vaguely mentioned implementing changes to its ATMs for customer protection without specifying the nature of these modifications.

Victims speculated that scammers might have observed their PIN entries by exploiting the close proximity during transactions or employing hidden cameras. While relieved to have his money returned, Mularky stressed the importance of thorough investigations and adherence to legal requirements.

Consumer advocates emphasized the significance of banks incorporating surveillance video evidence in their investigations, as mandated by law. The incident sheds light on the vulnerabilities of current ATM systems and underscores the need for robust security measures to protect customers from evolving scams.

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