Sunday, October 23, 2022

Mum ‘shot dead by 17-year-old’ while visiting her son’s grave on his birthday

 Mum ‘shot dead by 17-year-old’ while visiting her son’s grave on his birthday

Police in Killeen, Texas, have announced the arrest of 17-year-old Christian Lamar Weston in connection with the fatal shooting of Yolanda N'Gaojia, 52. The incident occurred on March 22 when N'Gaojia was visiting her son Amir's grave, who had passed away earlier this year. Weston is currently being held without bond and has been charged with murder and unlicensed carrying of a weapon. Although a second person was also shot, they survived, and the police have described the shooting as an "isolated incident." Weston's motive remains unknown, and the investigation is ongoing. N'Gaojia's ex-husband, Kineh N'Gaojia, has shared his grief on social media and expressed his desire for Weston to receive the death penalty.

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