Thursday, October 13, 2022

Baby is snatched by stranger after mother turned her back on the eight-month-old

Baby is snatched by Stranger after mother turned her back on the eight-month-old

In a South African supermarket, a male shop employee snatched an eight-month-old baby from her mother's shopping trolley as she turned her back for just ten seconds to select food from the chilled meat fridges. The butchery assistant was caught on CCTV lifting the baby out of the trolley and walking away with her in his arms. The mother, Daniella Wolff, was horrified to find her daughter missing and shouted out in horror before chasing after the employee and grabbing her baby back from him. She later shared the CCTV footage on Facebook and reported the incident to the police, resulting in the arrest of the employee. SuperSpar, the supermarket where the incident took place, suspended the employee and cooperated with the authorities in their investigation.

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