Friday, October 14, 2022

Gunman sets fire to homes and opens fire on fleeing victims

Gunman sets fire to homes and opens fire on fleeing victims

According to authorities, a gunman ignited a series of fires in Houston homes during the early hours of Sunday morning and then proceeded to shoot at victims as they attempted to flee from the flames. The attack was carried out in ambush-style, resulting in the deaths of three individuals, before the perpetrator was killed by police.

The incident occurred at approximately 1 am on Dunlap Street in the southwest region of Houston, catching residents off-guard as they slept soundly in their homes. Houston Police have reported that the suspect, a Black male in his 40s who was allegedly evicted from the building, set fire to multiple residences to draw victims outside.

The assailant then hid in the darkness, dressed entirely in black attire and armed with a shotgun. As frightened residents escaped the burning buildings, the shooter took aim and opened fire on them.

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