Saturday, October 29, 2022

Houston woman says she was poisoned after touching napkin on her car, her story goes viral

 Houston woman says she was poisoned after touching napkin on her car, her story goes viral

On her birthday, Erin Mims and her husband were leaving a restaurant in Houston when she noticed a napkin wedged in the passenger door handle of their car. She removed it, but later noticed that the fingers she used to open the door were tingling. Soon after, she began experiencing more severe symptoms including numbness, difficulty breathing, chest pains, and a racing heartbeat. Her husband rushed her to the hospital, where doctors found evidence of acute poisoning from an unknown substance in her system. Her doctor even suggested that it sounded like a failed kidnap attempt. Mims shared her experience on social media, and her post went viral. While some comments suggested that she was suffering from a panic attack, others claimed similar scenarios had happened to them. Poison control experts say that her symptoms match hundreds of different poisons, but her exposure would be considered minimal. Mims is urging others to be careful, and the local hair salon owner filed an assault report with the Houston Police Department. The restaurant has not responded to requests for comment.

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