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Scholarship Withdrawn from Honor Student Over Homecoming 'Twerking' Video: Describes Feeling Like Life Was Over

Scholarship Withdrawn from Honor Student Over Homecoming 'Twerking' Video: Describes Feeling Like Life Was Over 

A Louisiana high school senior, Kaylee Timonet, faced the withdrawal of a scholarship endorsement and removal from her position as student government association president after a video of her dancing at a homecoming after-party surfaced on social media. Despite her 4.2 GPA, the video, showing Timonet dancing behind a friend engaged in twerking, led to severe consequences. The private event at Livingston Parish Country Club on Sept. 30 was filmed by the party's DJ, who later posted the video on social media. Timonet's mother was present at the gathering.

The school's principal, Jason St. Pierre, called Timonet into the front office, where she was shown the video and criticized for her actions. She was allegedly told to feel ashamed and that her conduct did not align with "God's ideals," leaving her distraught and in tears. St. Pierre, during the meeting, withdrew Timonet's application for a scholarship, which is awarded to only two students annually.

Timonet, describing the incident as innocent fun, expressed her mortification, saying, "All I was doing was having innocent fun. I was mortified." Her mother, Rachel Timonet, had a subsequent meeting with the principal and voiced her concerns about being excluded from the initial meeting with her minor daughter. Rachel criticized the perceived unfairness of the punishment, pointing out that other students in the video faced no consequences. She also objected to St. Pierre allegedly discussing her daughter's religious faith in a public school setting.

The community rallied behind Kaylee Timonet, creating T-shirts with slogans like "Let the Girl Dance" and "I stand with Kaylee Timonet." The support, visible across social media, has been crucial in helping Timonet cope with the humiliating incident. Despite the controversy, she appreciates the backing she has received, stating, "Seeing that people were supporting me no matter what and seeing that my accomplishments were still noticed means the world."

Walker, the town where Timonet resides, has a population of approximately 6,100 and is situated about 22 miles from Baton Rouge.


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