Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Would you Hug a Nazi?

Would you Hug a Nazi?

The long-standing question of whether it's acceptable to physically assault a Nazi has a new twist: is it okay to give one a hug? Recently, a protester attempted this approach outside a speech given by white supremacist Richard Spencer in Gainesville, Florida. The protester, Aaron Courtney, who is a black high school football coach, approached Randy Furniss, who was wearing a swastika-emblazoned t-shirt and had been previously punched. Courtney asked Furniss, "Why don't you like me, dog? What is it? What is it?" in an attempt to understand his perspective. Furniss initially ignored the question, but Courtney persisted and eventually embraced him.

According to Courtney, he heard a divine voice say, "You changed his life" as a result. Furniss eventually admitted that he didn't know why he hated Courtney. The interaction was captured on video and demonstrated Courtney's compassionate effort to connect with someone who harbored hateful beliefs. At the very least, he succeeded in silencing one Nazi for a moment.


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