Thursday, February 24, 2022

Bad Cops: Lying about Being Shot

Bad Cops: Lying about Being Shot

A Georgia police officer's account of a shooting was recently revealed to be fabricated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). Sherry Hall, a newly hired Jackson police officer, claimed to have been shot by a black man on September 13th. She said that the bullet had been stopped by her body armor and that the shooter had escaped after firing three shots at her. A 10-day search for the alleged shooter followed.

However, Hall's account began to unravel after two weeks of investigation. After several interviews, inconsistencies in Hall's story were discovered, and evidence surfaced that indicated that she had shot herself. She was subsequently charged with four felonies, including giving false statements to investigators and evidence tampering.

GBI officials have stated that there was never a shooter at large in Jackson and that Hall's story caused unnecessary fear in the community. After checking herself into a private facility, Hall is now on paid administrative leave but will be arrested upon release.

The incident has been a blow to the Jackson Police Department, and the community has lost trust in the department as a result. The District Attorney has promised that Hall will be prosecuted and brought to justice.


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