Thursday, February 24, 2022

Flat Earther Accidentally Proves the Earth is Round

Flat Earther Accidentally Proves the Earth is Round

Flat-Earth proponents are struggling to gain new followers due to a lack of evidence supporting their claims. While some attribute this to a conspiracy led by NASA to keep them quiet, the reality is that planetary scientists are not convinced by their arguments.

The documentary Beyond the Curve, which can now be found on Netflix, follows the efforts of one group to provide evidence for their claims. According to mainstream science, the Earth rotates 360 degrees in a day, or 15 degrees every hour. However, Flat-Earth believers argue that the Earth is stationary and does not rotate.

Despite numerous experiments, including those performed by Flat-Earth believers, there is no credible evidence to support their claims. In fact, their theories are often debunked by scientific principles and observations, such as the curvature of the Earth seen from high altitudes.

Many Flat-Earth believers also reject other well-established scientific theories, such as the existence of gravity and the shape of other celestial bodies in our solar system. This has led to criticism from the scientific community, who argue that denying scientific facts can be harmful to society.

While Flat-Earth beliefs may seem harmless, they can have serious consequences. For example, some Flat-Earth believers reject the use of GPS technology, which relies on the principles of both general and special relativity to function properly. This can lead to dangerous situations for themselves and others, such as when navigating while driving.

In conclusion, while Flat-Earth beliefs continue to exist, they lack credible evidence and are not supported by mainstream science. Denying scientific facts can have harmful consequences, and it is important for individuals to rely on scientific principles and observations when making decisions that affect themselves and others.


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